HassConsult is committed to the quarterly publication of The Hass Property Index. This has proven over the last decade to be an important tool providing investors, home owners, the financial industry and consumers with current and historical information about house price inflation- allowing them to make informed decisions in the housing market, in order to enjoy the best possible returns.

We believe the index has also helped us all to understand far better the Kenyan real estate market, the urban residential market - and by extension, some of the dynamics within the Kenyan economy. In our experience, the best decisions are made with the clearest possible information. It is by working to flag within the market what is rising, and what falling, that we can do the most in ensuring funds are directed towards the properties that are currently most needed and most sought, particularly making the case for more affordable housing which is trending and now widely available.

We have a research team of 16 experts which includes a dedicated field research team powered by our own bespoke data collection application. We have produced numerous research reports for some of Kenya’s largest property development projects.

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