As a company that is poised centrally in the market, we have been able to bring the benefits of real estate development to wider groups through joint venture arrangements and financial structures that create syndicates of development groups. Our joint venture structures in particular have been highly successful in pairing owners of land that has latent potential with developers who undertake the process of real estate development, forming a structure that offers healthy returns to both the landowner and the developer. This has propelled activity in the real estate market as it offers landowners a turn-key package whilst granting developers access to prime land parcels for development in a structure of low capital investment.

Our financial syndicates are structured to bring together medium-sized investors looking to enter into the real estate development field. With developments that are fully managed by our in-house team, these investors have been able to garner high-yielding returns on investment without the day-to-day involvement of real estate development.

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