Our presence in the real estate market over the last two decades together with our focus on maintaining transparency and integrity in the market has created us for us a distinct brand in the market
Giving a property the exposure it deserves to find quality tenants or to sell for the right price requires enormous commitment. At HassConsult, we give our clients access to substantial marketing
We undertake valuations of residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as businesses, hotels and lodges. Our valuation team applies in-depth market knowledge, experience, research and analysis
Ongoing management and maintenance of properties is a key factor in value realization, value management and value enhancement. To cater for this at HassConsult, we offer property management services
HassConsult is committed to the quarterly publication of The Hass Property Index. This has proven over the last decade to be an important tool providing investors, home owners, the financial industry and consumers
The success of a development is decided at its planning and inception stages, where market dynamics are studied to ascertain the demand gaps within the market which, if correctly targeted
As a company that is poised centrally in the market, we have been able to bring the benefits of real estate development to wider groups through joint venture arrangements and financial structures