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20 Acres
Kshs 360m
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A square-shaped 20 acre parcel of land in Juja, an area that is increasing in popularity for residential development given its easy access to the Thika Superhighway and ultimately to Nairobi in approx. 45 minutes.

The property is approximately 4km from the flyover at Juja Town, on Gatundu-Juja road that leads to Juja Farms, and is situated directly across the recently developed Juja South Estate.

The road leading to the property is a well-maintained murram road that also serves Juja South Estate. Power has been connected to Juja South Estate thus would be within reach of the property while water can be availed through borehole supply. The soil on the property is black cotton, typical of all properties in the vicinity.

The property is held on a single title and the sale would be by way of sale of all of the shares in the holding company.

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