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Once a coffee farm, Runda has been transformed to a high-end housing estate over the last 30 years. Demand for elite houses came after the UNEP headquarters was built in Gigiri. A growing number of diplomats and foreigners have driven the expansion of the leafy suburb. The first phase of the estate (Old Runda) was developed between 1972 and 1980 by MAE Properties Ltd. The housing units, set in a well planned neighbourhood, each typically occupy 1 to 2 acre plots. Further development of more houses in phase 2 and phase 3 has since seen half acres sold to developers. Currently, phase 6 has been completed and phase 7 is set to commence soon. Runda estate now spans from Limuru Road to Kiambu Road. Runda has been divided into areas depending on the year of development and location. There is Old and New Runda, Runda Evergreen and Runda Mimosa. Runda Estate neighbours Muthaiga to the South, Gigiri and Ridgeways.

Location: Runda Estate is 7KM North of Nairobi's City Centre.

Local news: Runda has an active, interactive website - – where residents can post comments and questions.

Types of buildings: Runda’s landscape is dotted with modern, huge, and sometimes ostentacious houses with well manicured lawns. The minimum allowable subdivision of a parcel of land is half an acre. The estate is a strictly a residential area; no flats or apartments are allowed within the estate. There are no commercial buildings inside the estate.

Population Density: Low density area

Property values /trends: Area zoning for development: Runda is a zoned as a high-end residential area.

Residents association: Runda Resident association is one the most vibrant and vocal resident associations in the city. The association has been credited for keeping the estate in its well organized, clean state. The committee members meet several times a month. The association has formed a company to provide water to the residents.

Security: Muthaiga police station, Gigiri police station and Runda police station serve the residents of Runda.

Transport & Road networks: Runda lies between Limuru Road and Kiambu Road. Runda is a closed community and access to the estate is through the three main entrances on the two roads. Most feeder roads are tarmac and well maintained by the Residents Association.

Hospitals: Gertrude’s Children Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital offer good, quality medical care to the neighbouring communities including Runda

Schools: The Potter House School is the only educational institution within Runda estate, but the Roslyn Ridge Academy is immediately next to the estate. There are also many good schools in the surrounding area, including the International School of Kenya, the German School and Braeburn.

Shopping Centres & Amenities: The Village Market shopping mall on Limuru Road is easily accessible for Runda residents. It offers a rich variety of shopping and entertainments. The Warwick Centre in Gigiri also has shopping, cafe’s and bistros.

Useful Contacts/Links for the area:

Gertrudes Childrens Hospital 020 3763474/75/76/77, 3760137

Aga Khan Hospital 020 3662025, 3662031,3662181

Residents' Association 020 7126363/7122063/7121031 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Muthaiga Police Station 020 3762611

International School of Kenya +254 020 4183622, 4183272

German School 020-7121400, 7120371

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