Ongoing management and maintenance of properties is a key factor in value realization, value management and value enhancement. To cater for this at HassConsult, we offer property management services which involve rental collection and maintenance of building units, as well as facilities management which involves administration of service charge accounts and management of common areas and facilities within projects.

Our work in rental and property management involves rental billings and collections, financial reporting, property inspections to provide recommendations on maintenance and improvement programs, attendance to repair and maintenance works and lease administration including lease renewal and review of lease terms.

Our facilities management services relate to exterior and common areas of multi-unit developments and in this respect we ensure a suitable site team is recruited, collect and administer service charge funds, negotiate and administer service contracts, undertake regular inspections to provide recommendations on maintenance or improvement programs, attend to repairs and maintenance works and compile financial and management reports for the property. Our keen site management and utilization of service charge funds ensures that property values are maintained and uplifted.

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