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Ridgeways - Off Toto Lane

4 Bed Villas
Kshs 250,000/- p.m
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A refreshingly unique embellish of beautiful blended designs on Garden Estate Road,Where a contemporary build is merged with a hint of rooted vestige.

The property offers a striking display of 4 Bedroom villas,each on approximately 1/4 acre,offering a remarkable balance between luxury and symmetry that justifies its serene location.Each house in this 18 home development is in a four lot cluster arrangement to maximize the view of the surrounding landscaped gardens.

Sprawling over 4000 Sq.ft,these 4 bedroom homes offer charming personal spaces fitted with intricate luxuries that enhance daily living.The designs not only combine splendor with utility but also merge sophisticated architectural elements for streamlined elegance.This development is a contemporary work of art offering exceptional living.

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ABC Place, Waiyaki Way.