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Call to Amend Land Management Law

National vice chairman of the Farmer's Federation Dubat Hamey wants the law on land and natural resources management amended to give county governments more authority. He said land management has been devolved but the management of forests and wildlife is under the national government. See more…

Green technology attract more tenants

Demand for green office space is growing in Nairobi, largely driven by multinational companies, according to real estate services firm HassConsult. Tenants opt for the technology owing to the cost savings made through natural lighting and water recycling. “Office spaces that have gardens, fountains, ample parking and top calibre lobbies, lifts and unique interiors are in short supply, yet these are the exact kinds of premises that most multinational tenants and top companies are seeking and willing to pay premium rates for,” said Sakina Hassanali, marketing manager at HassConsult. See more…

KRA eyes higher capital gains tax on land deals

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will push to raise the capital gains tax on land if lobbying to adjust buying cost for inflation (indexation) bears fruit, a commissioner said on Wednesday. Indexation means adjusting the cost, mostly upward, reducing the gain tax liability for buyers who acquired land at what today sounds ridiculously low price. See more…

Barclays unveils mortgage centre to woo homebuyers

Barclays Bank has unveiled a mortgage centre in a move targeted homebuyers, particularly first-timers, offering a promotional interest rate of 11.9 per cent for the next two months. The tier-I lender said the strategy will be “disruptive and innovative” in a market where individual outstanding mortgage accounts are currently at about 20,000. See more…

Nairobi Aims to Collect Sh66 Billion in Land Rates

Nairobi City County has said it will collect more than Sh66 billion through the 'operation clamp down'. The operation involves getting tenants of buildings, whose owners have defaulted on land rates, to pay rent to the county. Once the debt is settled, the tenants will go back to paying rent to building owners. Speaking during a clampdown in Westlands yesterday, the county chairman for the operation task force John Njoit said they have collected more than Sh10 million since the operation started. See more…

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