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Public Relations Public Relations HassConsult: Setting new standards in real estate.
HassConsult: Setting new standards in real estate.
Written by Daniel Simiyu for The Business Mirror September-October 2009   

The regions construction industry has without doubt been on a high for the last few years, as more office blocks, mortgages crop up all over, confirming property remains the best medium to long-term investment in this part of the world. This boom experienced in the construction sector remains a major contributor to regional economies. With these massive investments set to develop further, the role played by real estate development consultants is now dominant.

At the forefront of providing development consultancy is Kenya’s HassConsult, a firm established 18 years ago with a mission to radically change the way real estate agents conducted their business in Nairobi.

‘We continue to be a fresh minded real estate firm with a mission to operate in a honest and transparent way, providing best value property developments to our clients’, informs Farhana Hassanali of HassConsult.

Today, HassConsult’s dedication to offer honest and knowledgeable service in the real estate business has seen the company provide a variety of services ranging from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling, and managing residential and commercial properties, and more recently, commercial and residential valuations.

HassConsult innovativeness has ensured unequated reputation and integrity that continues to attract clients ready to conduct business with an assertive real estate firm. “As we set foot in the business, the first thing was to introduce transparency into the market.

"We set ourselves as a brand that is honest and clear in what it is offering”, says Hassanali. Strategically, this has confirmed the firm’s specialty in producing development concepts, conducting approvals for clients, undertaking financial projections and packaging for projects, sales and project management right through to completion.

Development consultancy services are increasingly playing a significant role in providing essential details to developers more so because they are in constant touch with buyers and sellers hence they are averse with market dynamics and can rightfully predict expectations in the market as well as avoid in advance sectors that are likely to get saturated pretty fast.

With a huge range of service, HassConsult plays a critical role in setting new standards to a previously hugely discredited industry. Among their latest product is a joint venture development service in which land owners partner with equity providers to get financing. This plan is highly preferred as it allows individuals to add significant value to their land through a joint venture.

Though challenges such as corruption in government offices and replicated paperwork as well as rising construction costs still remain, HassConsult’s excellence continues to guarantee steady market with comebacks and referral clients recording highly. The firm’s recent entry into the vast coast region confirms we are set for new trends in the market. However, prospective development consultants will certainly find Hassanali’s advice useful, “it is a thriving business, still very prominent, but it is important that you get into the right segment of the market so that you are not hitting a brick wall trying to sell your products”.