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Written by Esther Mumbua for The Standard 21st February 2008.   

With two international property awards in its back pocket, Hass Consult has developed its brand as a group committed to progressive approaches in a broad range of real estate opportunities, securing its niche as a key fashioner of Kenya’s real estate market. Sixteen years ago Hass Consult was formed with a vision to establish a comprehensive real estate firm that would revolutionise the manner in which real estate was practiced in Kenya.

The firm now takes pride in its variety of services, which range from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling and managing residential and commercial properties.

They have also undertaken property valuations of some significant real estate portfolios including hotels and lodges in East Africa.

With a burning desire to maintain its core values which include transparency, honesty, high levels of professionalism, good levels of service and environment consciousness, Hass Consult has been credited with preaching water and drinking water.

“we have introduced transparency into the market, established advertised prices launched the country’s first real estate website and most importantly the pioneering of the ‘off plan’ sale concept in Kenya,” says Ms Farhana Hassanali, the property Development Manager adding that their reputation is based on their values.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) HassConsult is responsible for various landmark projects in Nairobi where protecting the natural environment forms a key component of the development.

“we pride ourselves in undertaking projects that bode well with the environment and reflect well with the advancing nature of the industry” says she.

HassConsult’s efforts were recognised and rewarded at the International Property Awards 2006 held at the Mariott Grosvenor Square in London where they were awarded Best Real Estate Agency in Kenya and Best Real Estate Agency Marketing in Kenya.

One of HassConsult’s biggest strengths must be its huge network base that the outfit deals with and the long-standing relationships they enjoy – most of which are with referrals and repeat clients. They are also known to maintain a strong rapport with leading organisations, NGOs, Kenyans in the Diaspora, small business owners, real estate investors and international embassies. Undoubtedly the secret behind maintaining such a wide clientele lies in their philosophy of putting the clients’ best interests first.

HassConsult core competency is property development and consultancy with some of the country’s finest developments and concepts to its name.

In its early, the company was a pioneer of off-plan sales of property, a concept, which Farhana says was previously unexplored in Kenya and has today become the norm in property development sales.

The company’s strengths in this field have been founded according to Farhana, as a result of meticulous planning and design based on a strung understanding of the market and consumer needs, ensuring quality and also suitability of plans for the environment.

“we have brought high quality property within reach of the market in Kenya through the introduction of new development icons fitting the evolving Kenyan lifestyle.”

Working closely with clients in the development process has also been instrumental in the company’s developmental process. “We provide valuable input and advice in the pre development stage, as well as ongoing project management to see the development through it’s’ completion.

Since 2003, says she, there has been a windfall in the property market which has seen a rise in the number of new developments and it is in this era that HassConsult has established its reputation as a firm whose projects have been differentiated through concept quality and value offering.

Apart from Nairobi where the company is based HassConsult also deals with international properties and has had trading with properties in the UK, France, Dubai Morocco, Italy and Spain through a partnership with a UK based off plan sales company, Focus International Property.

“This is a way of facilitating property investors in building a diversified real estate portfolio through well advised investments in global property markets,” says Farhana.

As a company committed to progressive management approaches, Hass Consult is interested in broad range of business opportunities and believes that there is still a lot of untapped potential in developing the real estate market in East Africa.

It is also confident that considerable growth will continue in the foreseeable future with regards to real estate development. It is a belief that property still remains the best medium to long term investment in this part of the world.