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Property Management

Rent collection and maintenance of a property can be a tedious task when left to an individual owner. At HassConsult, we offer diligent property management services which involve:
•    Prompt rent collection
•    Presentation of periodic financial reports detailing all matters pertaining to the property
•    Undertaking regular and thorough inspections of the premises and providing recommendations on maintenance or improvement programs
•    Negotiating and administering maintenance and service contracts based on competitive tendering
•    Ascertaining that necessary repairs are carried out quickly with the clients approval under strict supervision
•    Reviewing and renewing rents and tenancy conditions periodically
•    Advising clients on prevailing market conditions
•    Compiling reports covering all tenancy and legal matters, rent status, and arrears if any, and contract issues.

‘I was very impressed by your services, your honesty, integrity and transparency’
Bernard Ngugi