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Brookside ***

Brookside is an up-market, green, residential area set between Westlands, Spring Valley and Upper Parklands estate (Kabete Road), with the Waiyaki Way dual carriageway separating the area from Muthangari. Just like its neighbours, Brookside is close to Nairobi’s dynamic social hub for expatriates, middle class and wealthy Kenyans, Westlands, with its wide range of shops, plazas, restaurants, bars and night clubs. Many Brookside residents have offices in Westlands and the town centre. Brookside itself is also home to a sprinkling of corporate offices, including the Uptown Agencies, Dry Associates Ltd, Kenya Secular Arms Ltd, Elephence Ltd, Corrington Business Systems, and Trishul Business Consultants. The area is also popular with property developers such as International House Ltd, which manages properties such as Avocado Villas on Brookside Drive. As a quiet residential areas, its apartment blocks are popular with expatriates, young professionals and a few families attracted by the choice of facilities. Some of the up market British system schools are found in the area, including Brookhouse Preparatory School, where many children of the country’s top political establishment are enrolled.

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Kyuna ****

Kyuna is generally a climatically cool area with clean air in which some roads like that of Kyuna Crescent are literally covered with bougainvillea. Its immediate neighbours are the Kibagare Estate with its slum area, and the more up-market Loresho and Spring Valley. Kyuna itself is up-market with a few old fashioned houses with servants’ quarters, and new mansions being built in the area. Kyuna shares many of the same facilities - hospitals, schools, and social amenities - with Spring Valley and Loresho. For instance, the National Agricultural Laboratories located in Kyuna, serves the neighboring Loresho, where many own dairies. Kyuna is north of Westlands with the main access road being the Lower Kabete Road which leads straight onto Kyuna Road up to Kyuna Rise on the left, and then left into Kyuna Crescent. The Communications Commission of Kenya also sits between Kyuna and Loresho.

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Mombasa Road  ***

Classified as a A109 road, Mombasa Road is the main highway linking Kenya’s capital Nairobi, to the country’s second largest city and main port, Mombasa. As Nairobi has expanded, the Mombasa Road has seen rapid development, with investors finding expansive land on both sides of the road, especially between the Athi River junction and the city – a distance of 30KM. Over the last 7-8 years, developments along the Mombasa Road have included housing estates, office parks, manufacturing centres and leisure and entertainment spots. The housing estates along Mombasa road are middle income, but the offices are regarded as high end. Both national and international companies have built impressive headquarters drawn by the easy access to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is off the Mombasa Road before the Athi River junction. Estates neighbouring the road include; South C, Plainsview, Hazina, Imara Daima, Embakasi and Highway estate. These estates have an average of 300 houses. Mombasa Road also houses the industrial capital of the country, Industrial Area, and numerous Export Processing Zone facilities.

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Rhapta Road Rating ***

Rhapta Road is a section of the greater Westlands area, north-west of the city. The road stretches from the Westlands shopping centre roundabout to Mahiga Mairu Avenue, cutting across quiet residential areas mixed with office blocks. Like most suburbs near the city centre, Rhapta Road is quickly becoming a commercial area.

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Embakasi Rating**

Embakasi is a residential and commercial suburb 15km east of the Central Business District. It borders Langata constituency and parts of Industrial Area to the south and is one of the few estates in Nairobi with a seeming never-ending construction boom, due to space availability. Private and government connected Real Estate Developers have pitched here. Savannah, Nyayo, Honey Suckle Apartments and Simba Villa estates are a sample of the modern estates coming up.  Other older estates here are Donholm, Nyayo, Umoja and Komarock. This vast suburb houses low income and higher middle income residents. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya’s largest airport and the GSU training school are located here. As well as modern apartments, there are a few gated communities, built in the late 1970s and early 1980s and new ones, such as the gated Fedha Estate. As the biggest constituency in Nairobi, Embakasi is poorly planned and access to some estates is hampered by a poor road network. It has many entertainment joints, the most famous of them being Jam Rescue. Equity and Barclays Bank, Nakumatt Supermarket and Gertrude’s Children hospital are located here.

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